What's the Deal

Hi and Welcome to our Lead Generator Community


The objective of this facility is to reward you our clients and friends with commission rewards for refering qualified leads to our Lead paying Ambassadors.

The reward system is simple but very rewarding - its a 3 x payout system.

One. Pass us a qualified lead in any of our lead loading option and earn and are paid an immediate introduction commission from respective payout companies.

Two.  Should the introduction turn into a Earning Opportunity or Order you will will be paid a second lead commission.

Three. Once the lead transaction is complete and paid in full you will receive a further Final payout based on the value of the transaction.

Different Lead Ambassadors and Companies do pay different lead amounts. These commission points will be outlined per Ambassador on the website. Also important is that you can view your potential earnings at any time. NOTE once tier has been reached you are paid immediately.

Remember you can load yourself as a lead and get the Commission due as a discount on your own service utilisation

Thank you for supporting our Company


Duncan Krause